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Observe All Of Gods Laws & Decrees

Gods Laws, Commandments, & Statutes • 19m

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    Plainly speaking the name of “Jesus,” Yahshua, Yahawashi, Messiah, Jesus, Yahawah, are all synonyms. The definition of a synonym "Words that have the same or similar meaning." The Bible Prophesied that Christ would be called by many names:

    “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; a...

  • Another PASSOVER is Coming

    Another PASSOVER is Coming

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    Some commented on part one stating "Why AM I Obsessed With This Subject?" Think about it, a BIBLE subject!! Why Am I, a Preacher, obsessed with a bible topic? Why isn't everyone who is a so-called believer just as obsessed with this as I am? Another person stated that David was/is a fornicator, a...