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Never before seen messages yet to be released. (Unreleased Content)

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Unrelease Content
  • Bring Manhood Back

    Bring Manhood Back

  • God Remembers Slavery

    Everywhere you go in America, where there is teachings, movies, or literature the Holocaust is brought up as the worst atrocity ever done by humans. Nonetheless, as terrible as it was, the worst atrocity, wickedness, crimes and transgressions ever done in human civilization was the transatlantic ...

  • God of Our Salvation

    God of Our Salvation

  • Our Identity Crisis is coming to an end

    Our Identity Crisis is coming to an end

  • Are You Willing to Die for this? (Part 2)

    Are You Willing to Die for this? (Part 2)

  • Do Not Go Back to Sleep

    Do Not Go Back to Sleep

  • When You Know You Are Chosen

    When You Know You Are Chosen

  • When America Falls (Revised)

    When America Falls

  • These Are The Last Days

    I’ve broken down the timeline before I am sure, but God created the Heavens and the earth in 6 days. For God 1 day is a 1,000 years. Prophetically God allowed for us this world for 6,000 years. The 7th day God rested and the 7th day is the 1,000th years that would remain left or the 1,000 year Re...

  • The Psychological & Physical Dilemma of being a Hebrew Israelite.

    Learning that you are an Israelite, can literally be the gift and the curse. I talk about some of these dilemmas that are psychological and many of them also physical that you struggle with once discovering your truth identity.

  • Judas and the Black Messiah (Movie Review)

    Something I've always wanted to do was Movie Reviews. Obviously doing them in the context of using scripture. I have always been fond of how Hollywood puts subliminal Bible references in entertainment. Judas and the Black Messiah is a recent film, and biopic on the Life of Fred Hampton one of the...

  • The Year of Your Exodus

    The Year of Your Exodus

  • The Return of the Holy Spirit (SuperPowers)

    Based on the Biblical stories, Did Jesus have SuperPowers? Did Peter, Moses, Samson, and so many others mentioned in the scriptures as doing miraculous things? Today, without question reading the Bible with new eyes, these characters definitely have superpowers. An the Bible says in Psalms 82:6 "...

  • "Conversations with Greg" - Ep. 1

    My brother Greg and I are always having the most interesting conversations about the Bible, the World and the current prophecies we see happening before our very eyes. I decided to start recording us, the is the first of many "Conversations with Greg" - Ep. 1

  • Why did the KKK burn the Cross?

    Why did the Klu Klux Klan burn the Cross?

  • Can you Accidentally take the Mark of the Beast?

    Can you accidentally take the Mark of the Beast?

  • The Mark of America

    This is a message I did for my exclusive channel at https://Ministries.LeoDunson.com. The message describes what I believe to be the obvious. The Bible explained that the Mark of the Beast would be instituted by the most powerful nation in the world, it explains that it would be forced on all peo...

  • Bishop T.D. Jakes takes the Mark of the Beast

    Bishop TD Jakes takes the Mark of the Beast

  • Professor Cornel West Denied Tenure at Harvard?

    When I first heard about this story, I was sure that the Professor was denied tenure due to his failure or unwillingness to endorse Joe Biden for President. However, I was wrong and in the video as you will see Professor Cornel West explains the unpopular political position he took that ultimatel...

  • What is Baal Worship? Exclusive Content

    What is Baal Worship? - The term = Babylon refers to a metaphorical “city” or “nation” (Revelation 18) where the people worship a type of “Baal”.

    In other words, those who trust in themselves rather than trusting in God. The power of man and the desire of self vs. the power of God and desire o...

  • Trump 2024

    The bible says "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last TRUMP: for the trumpet shall sound." Most Pastors, Preachers and Teachers have dubbed this to be a typo, a mistake or a misspelling for Trumpet, even though the next sentence mentions the word "trumpet." Personally I don't belie...

  • The Problems facing Black America fixed by us Repatriating back to our Homeland

    Every Problem facing Black America can be fixed by us Repatriating back to our Homeland Israel. In this video I created a White House Petition, with no surprise to myself, the people I received the most push back from were those who claim to know their identity as the (Israelites). My goal was to...

  • Black Americans Cancel Ice Cube for his alleged support of President Trump

    Ice Cube is the latest Black American celebrity or Public Figure to be cancelled by Black America. This time it's a little confusing because it appears that Ice Cube reached out to both the Democrats and the Republicans. Reaching out to the Biden Campaign as well as the Trump Campaign. Nonetheles...