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This is the Mark of the Beast

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Victory Over the Mark

Messages to the World • 27m

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  • This is the Mark of the Beast

    This is the Mark of the Beast. Corona has 6 letters, Calculate the number of the Beast. If you calculate the letters in their numeric order assigning each letter a number C = 3, O = 15, R = 18, O = 15, N = 14, A = 1 it equals = 66, combining it with the 6 letters equals 666.

    The second beast w...

  • God Is In Control

    There is so much uncertainty going on in the world. We literally wake up everyday to new regulations, new legislations and implemented changes. Many are on the edge as to whether they will have to take the #Vaccine​ or will they be forced to leave their places of employment if they do not take th...

  • What Happens Next? After Elections Pr...

    Well Joe Biden is President, What Happens Next?

    As you guys are aware, the Social Media Giants have been blocking, deleting and shadow banning Christ Followers. I will be leaving Social Media all together and going over to my Exclusive Content page. Please come join today: http://LeoDunsonMinist...

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