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The Problems facing Black America fixed by us Repatriating back to our Homeland

Sermons • 40m

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  • The Time for Marching is Over #George...

    We are honestly at a crossroads in America. I know it's an election year and I understand that these shootings become more politicized and polarizing. Nonetheless, it's another death of another Unarmed Black Man at the hands of another White Police Officer.

    I'd first like to thank those White Am...

  • What Message is God Sending The World?

    What Message is God Sending the World? The strip clubs are closed, the liquor stores closed, the weed dispensaries shut down, God is giving the whole world ample time away from our vices to repent and return to him.

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  • ‘We are Culture-less, We are Orphans,...

    Kanye West sat down recently with Big Boy TV and said that Black America is Culture-less, matter a fact he said we are culture vultures.

    I 100% agree with Kanye West, really it's just facts. Yet the question begs to differ why don't we have a culture? All peoples of the earth have a culture, ca...